Mama, I Made It!

My first month in Belize!

It’s been kind of awesome. In between days of hanging out in San Ignacio, eating the amazing food at Jamaul’s restaurant (Roots Wraps & Smoothies – the best! And #1 in San Ignacio on Trip Advisor!), taking walks to the river, talking to lizards, tuning my ear to Spanish and Kriol, drinking beer and rum, and meeting some very friendly folks, I have also attended some wonderful events such as International Day of Yoga and the 20-year anniversary party for the Image Factory Art Foundation in Belize City. Jamaul has been an incredible friend, host, and source of support – so incredible that he rented us his lovely apartment next to his restaurant when he moved to his new place, and yesterday Ro and I officially moved in!

Here’s Ro outside our lovely apartment:

(Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to ask that our picture be taken together. But y’all get it.)

So now we have our own place, a one-bedroom that feels huge compared to our former studio in NYC. And a great start.

So there are some cool things jumpin’ off. For one, Jamaul and I are scheduled to perform at the Image Factory gallery at the end of the month during their 2-week artists workshop. I’m super excited. I’ve also been asked to do a talk about mental health for a queer women’s group, and tomorrow I’ll be attending a conference by Youth Empowerment for Change and UniBAM, which is the LGBT advocacy organization in Belize. It seems that there is a huge need for mental health expertise (hint hint to all my social worker & therapist folks), and it’s looking very possible that I can consult and do that work here in a way that suits me. And not to worry… I haven’t abandoned my lounge singing dreams. More on that to come.

I feel myself shifting into a different gear now that I’ve been here for a bit. Yesterday I went to the immigration office and got my first extension stamp for my visitor’s permit. Things are coming together and I’m settling in. It feels good.

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