Settling into our new apartment has been very satisfying. For one, the barrel that we shipped from the States before we left finally arrived with our favorite things. As much as I am open to the newness of moving to a place, there’s something really great about having stuff I love to see in my home every day, like my amber beaded lamp shade and brass elephant. 

The other wonderful thing is that we have a balcony which overlooks the back of our place. We live next door to a bar which plays the same jukebox songs every day, all day. It’s a mix between popular Spanish songs, reggaeton, and random rap from the early 2000’s (50 Cent has, like, 3 songs in that joint). There’s also a small dog that barks at nothing. But all of that is worth it because there’s a lot of outside. A breeze right outside our door, a place to sit, and lots of green. I realize how much I missed being around grass and trees. And how necessary it is.

Here’s the road behind our place:

We also live right next to the Macal River:

Not too shabby.

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