Cahal Pech

Today Nophi and I went to the Mayan ruins at Cahal Pech, just 10 minutes away. It was late afternoon and there were only a few other visitors besides ourselves. The folks at Cahal Pech are pretty laid back, so we were able to just walk around without a tour guide. After the rain yesterday, it was cooler today and the sky was clear. It was quiet. We climbed the structures and took photos. There was an occasional breeze whispering through the trees which intensified at times. We exchanged glances and joked about coming in peace, respectfully; “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

I had visited these ruins on my last trip to Belize, but this time felt different. Right up the road from where I live, within walking distance, is a site that is thousands of years old. That is new for me, as America is a young country and I never experienced that sense of living in a place with such a long history, especially in New York which has been changing so rapidly that places I grew up with have disappeared.

As Nophi and I walked leisurely down the hill from the ruins into the center of town, I thought about how much I appreciate living here and being able to casually take my friend to Cahal Pech. Like, “Oh, hey… let’s go hang at these Mayan ruins up the road.”

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