Sundays in San Ignacio are quiet and slow. All of the shops are closed for most, if not all of, the day, taxis are few and far between, and only a couple of the street vendors are out selling fruit and plantain chips. This morning I saw a newer stand with folks sitting at tables eating tacos and quesadillas, the closest thing to an outdoor brunch. The sky is cloudy and overcast, and has been threatening rain for the past few days.

I love Sundays because they give everyone permission to be lazy. This feels different from when I was in New York, where stores are open all day as usual, folks are often still working and having meetings, and weekend plans can be hectic. I usually felt a lingering restlessness, like I should be doing something. Sundays were likely my only day to run errands and do the stuff I had no time to do during the week. This morning I went back to sleep after waking up before seven, and slept until eleven o’clock. It felt good. There’s something relaxing about knowing that nothing is happening and there’s nowhere to go. Everyone is at home. It’s truly a day of rest.

Today we’re eating snacks, watching The Wire, and drinking papaya-rosé artisanal local wine we got from the market yesterday. The week ahead promises to be a busy one, but for now it’s cool to just do nothing.

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