Pure Class

I have become a rum drinker.

Y’all know I was never ordering rum when I lived in New York. For a while I avoided all dark liquors because I thought they made me aggressive. Then I learned to drink whisky, and my life was changed. Historically, I’ve been a wine woman (red, robust) and vodka is usually my go-to for cocktails. But here in Belize I have found it best to stick with the locally-produced rum, Caribbean Gold, which is quite good. And cheap. I also don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts for imported whisky, vodka, or red wine, which are usually mediocre brands at best. I was once offered Mènage à Trois in a restaurant. I have yet to recover.

At risk of sounding like a drunk, I have to say that wines and spirits have been part of my life for many years. As someone who enjoys selecting and making cocktails, I have gotten great pleasure from a good drink or glass of wine, and they have been an integral part of how I socialize and celebrate with friends. Meeting someone for a drink was something I did all the time in New York, and as much as we appreciated each others’ company during these gatherings, we were also particular about what we drank to complement the occasion. Submitted that proposal you worked on for months? Yay, champagne! Think you may have to break up with that fool who ain’t acting right? I’ll bring the wine, girl! It’s Friday? Holla, margaritas!

I don’t go to bars often in San Ignacio. Rarely, even. Most of the bars in town are touristy, which is not my scene, and I don’t have confidence in folks’ bartending skills. I’ve been to a few spots in Belize City which were cool, but I’m just not pressed. Maybe it’s because I don’t have the social network here, but I really just prefer to hang out at home when I drink, on my couch or on the balcony, serenaded by the jukebox at the bar next door. It just feels easier, simpler. And one of the many adjustments I’ve made since I moved here, which turned out to be not that big of a deal.

Sometimes I have fantasies about dirty dry martinis. Or a Malbec. And my occasional desire for a bottle of Balvenie is just short of a longing. But I can live with this. Especially since I can buy a large bottle of Caribbean Gold at the shop next door for $11BZ. And drink it at home with tonic or soda water and fresh lime juice. In our fancy whisky glasses from Ikea New York.

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