Day One

September was a fierce month. Incredibly full, inspiring, and draining. At once slow-moving and propelled by the speed of light. Marked with moments of intense affirmation and gripping self-doubt. It was a month of magic, of fantastic failure, of rewriting the dream. I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like I’ve been through it.

I live in a place where there is no indication of October, no sign of a seasonal shift. It’s still hot (I’m sweating as I type this), rainy season is in full effect, and the jukebox in the bar next door continues to play the same shit from, like, five years ago.

Yet, in my body, I feel a change, a subtle movement, an arrival to a new space. An attunement to my surroundings and a renewed trust in myself. A stronger willingness to give and to receive. A knowing that, even with all the inevitable ups and downs, I am okay and there is nothing to fear.

September is still in my bones. It will take a while to ease and unfold, like getting out of a car after a long trip. I carry with me all that I felt and saw and learned.

A new month.

Day One.

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