Community, Cocktails & Cuisine

On Saturday night, Jamaul and I threw an event at the shop. It came out of a series of conversations we’ve been having about wanting to connect with other artists and creative types in Belize, wanting to vibe and collaborate and do stuff together. It turned out to be pretty cool – a lot of folks showed up, Chef Eva made delicious sushi, Katie Numi Usher hosted the event with her awesome energy, Jamaul’s tapas were amazing, I made the bomb green tea and rum cocktail, and we looked fabulous. Honestly, it just felt good to have an idea and follow through, and to have people express enthusiasm about coming together.

We invited some poets to perform. And I sang. Which was kind of a big deal for me because I haven’t been singing at all, and it was my first time singing in front of an audience here. I sang ‘As’ by Stevie Wonder, a cappella. It wasn’t perfect, but it felt just right. I felt like myself, like I reconnected with a part of me I haven’t quite expressed here. And that was necessary. It was a reminder: I am an artist, a performer, a singer. This is such a huge part of my identity that I hadn’t found the space for yet, and I’m glad we created one. I felt like I had finally arrived. And I need to do it more.

photo by Felene Cayetano



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