It’s been a few months since we moved into our apartment. I am reminded of how creating a home is a process that isn’t immediate, and requires time and attention. As someone who really needs to feel grounded and comfortable in my living space, getting to that place has been ongoing. In my overall experience of settling into living in Belize, it’s been important for me to cultivate an appreciation for where I live, rather than just focus on what it isn’t yet. Having shipped some of my favorite things from New York helped with that, as I really like seeing objects in my space that are special and have meaning.

With the ups and downs I’ve been feeling about this transition, I’ve been thinking more about what settling in means to me. How I enjoy my space, care for it, and make it feel like mine. Instead of just reducing my home to an endless to-do list of what needs to get done, I took some photos of the little things about my home that I love, the parts that bring me joy and help me feel connected. Even just that small shift in focus has made a difference in how I feel about my home, and has drawn my eye and heart to the details.











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