A Different View

This week was a break, a vacation of sorts. Ro and I packed our draws and went to Jamaul’s house for a few days. Leaving town felt good. As much as I love where I live, lately I’ve been craving movement, a change of scenery, a shift in energy. Jamaul’s place is “in the bush”,  literally, with a breathtaking view and so much space. And quiet. Stillness. Being able to just sit outside and watch branches swaying and listen to the wind and distinguish between six different bird calls. Inhabiting that space really made me slow down and breathe and notice my mind and the moments when there is tightness. And I was able to release a little more. Coax the tension to rest and settle into gratitude.

We also took a quick trip to Guatemala on Monday, which is just thirty minutes away. It was my first time going. We hung out in Melchor de Mencos and walked through the market and drank cervezas and ate papusas and laughed and took silly photos and just enjoyed life. And it was good.

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