A Little Sun

We’ve had rain in Belize for over a week now. Heavy downpours every day. When I was in Caye Caulker last week, in our private beach house overlooking the sea, I was kind of into it. But since coming back to San Ignacio, I’ve been officially over it – tired of non-stop showers, grey skies, and the dampness and mildew smell that settle into everything. It also really affects my mood when it rains for more than a few days – I get anxious and irritable. At first, it’s cute to put on my one pair of jeans and long-sleeved denim shirt. After a while, I start to miss the sun and even the heat.

Today we finally got sun for most of the day. I ran a couple of errands, and Jamaul and I walked around town putting up flyers for our show next weekend. I was back to sweating and squinting, and pretty happy about it. The river behind our house has lowered a bit, after being super high yesterday with the bridge flooded. It felt good to be out in the green and sunshine again, and I was reminded of how much I love the beauty of my little town.


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