Altared @ Empyrean

Altared @ Empyrean 2015, photo by Roland Xavier
photo by Roland Xavier

On Saturday Jamaul and I did our performance art show, Altared @ Empyrean: An Exploration of the 4 Brahma Viharas through Ritual, Sound & Movement. It was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful to Empyrean Art Center for sharing their space, and to all who came out for the performance. All photos were taken by Ro.

“The four brahma-viharas represent the most beautiful and hopeful aspects of our human nature. They are mindfulness practices that protect the mind from falling into habitual patterns of reactivity which belie our best intentions.

Also referred to as mind liberating practices, they awaken powerful healing energies which brighten and lift the mind to increasing levels of clarity. As a result, the boundless states of (metta) loving-kindness, (karuna) compassion, (mudita) appreciative joy and (upekkha) equanimity manifest as forces of purification transforming the turbulent heart into a refuge of calm, focused awareness.”                  


You can read about our last Altared performance here.


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