60 Days Of Yoga & A Week Of Milestones

This is a week full of milestone moments. Today marks 60 days of daily yoga practice, tomorrow I’m going to immigration to get my 6-month visitor’s permit stamp, and Thursday is Ro’s and my 4-year anniversary. I’m grateful for all of it.

And yes, get into the photo of the bubbly because one thing that yoga has taught me is to integrate my practice into my life and my body, as I am, without having to become a different person. For 60 days, I have done yoga no matter how I’m feeling – when I’m tired, when I’m hungover, when I just can’t. And yet, I do it. I roll out my mat and get onto it because I’ve made a commitment to myself.

That’s what this week is about for me. I’ve committed to doing yoga every day, to living in Belize, to loving my partner and being in a relationship. And it’s pretty awesome to see how far I’ve come, to reflect on all this journey has been, and to look forward to the road ahead.


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