Netflix & Chill

From “A Painted Conversation: Community Mural Project” in San Ignacio

Ok, maybe this post title is misleading.

But seriously though, I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Everyone’s just hanging out and getting into the festivities. No one is really working so it’s fine to fall back from pushing forward on anything, and by the middle of last week I accepted that no new business is happening until January and let myself relax into eating, drinking rum cocktails, and binge-watching Netflix.

As the end of the year approaches, we are getting ready to celebrate with some family that are coming to visit, which I’m super excited about. So far there are no solid plans for New Year’s Eve, but it’s clear that (a) there will be wine, and (b) there will be bubbly, with the wonderful backdrop of fireworks for, like, eight hours. Folks love poppin’ off fireworks here. Aside from that, we shall see.

I’ve been reflecting on the year and all the goings-on. It’s been long, but a great one. A year ago today, Ro and I arrived in Belize to celebrate. Our stay in San Ignacio marked our decision to move here. It feels awesome to have made good on that, and to be bringing in the new year here once again.

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