The Fifth House: Mercury Retrograde & New Moon In Capricorn

This week finds me in an introspective place. Just a step into the new year, I am still reflecting on the year past and all that I experienced and learned, gathering insight into what was gained and how to build on that. A lot is happening astrologically as well, with Mercury currently in retrograde and the approaching new moon, both in Capricorn.

I’m feeling the energy of this movement, shifting between reviewing and revisiting, and mindfully setting my intentions for a new cycle. It’s an interesting space, to be thinking about both the past and the future, and I am grateful for my yoga and meditation practices as they keep me grounded in the present.

For the last few days I was feeling restless, like I needed to do something. Being between creative projects with little moving forward in the way of work had me anxious. Maybe it was the slump that comes after the holidays, the feeling that I should get back to business. Or perhaps just the transition into a new year – January has always been a strange, fidgety month for me when I’m not quite clear about everything and the year hasn’t developed a personality yet.

And then I got some extra sleep and read my horoscopes and was like Girl, relax. Because a lot is changing, and I don’t need to push full steam ahead toward anything right this minute.

And Capricorn.

Capricorn rules my fifth house, illuminating my relationships to children, love, pleasure, and creative play. It’s also my rising sign. Capricorn is bringing its earthy pragmatism to how I’m engaging with these themes in my life. It’s reminding me to tap into my inner resources and bring that awareness into my daily routine. To pull back from projections and lofty goals and be here, now, with all that I already have.

Rather than focus on the inevitable communication and technology hiccups of Mercury retrograde, I’m choosing instead to use this time as an opportunity to peel back the layers surrounding how I go about the business of being happy and fulfilled. What brings me joy? What makes me feel alive? What can I count on within myself no matter how much money I have in the bank? How can I let go of old defenses that keep me from experiencing my life in a loving, creative way?

These are the questions I’m sitting with.

I’m using what I have to connect with the wisdom of this new moon and what it has to show me. I’m getting up in these rituals that have supported me in my spiritual practice – communing with my ancestors, yoga, tarot, journaling, meditation and yes, wine! Because pleasure. Because life.

Yesterday I pulled out my colored pencils and sketch pad and drew. I can’t remember the last time I did that, and it was the first time I’d done it since moving to Belize. It felt good, it was fun, and it felt like me. And it reminded me that magic is everywhere, in the small gestures, and we can always create something out of what we have.


6 thoughts on “The Fifth House: Mercury Retrograde & New Moon In Capricorn

  1. I’ve been feeling the influence of Capricorn this month in a way I’ve never felt before. I don’t consider myself to be a very grounded organized person (Gemini/Gemini) but so much of the energy I’ve been drawn to lately has been that of a Capricorn source and It’s actually been pretty positive so far.


    1. Yes, I feel you. The Capricorn energy is strong! I’m also finding it to be positive and am feeling pretty grounded and focused right now, and in a relaxed, self-assured way. Happy new moon vibes, sis!


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