Here And Now

After several days of overcast skies and cooler temperatures, yesterday felt more like normal. I set out to buy some of my favorite soap from one of my favorite shops. It was sunny and hot, and I quickly remembered it was lunch time (dinner time to Belizeans) and the shop would be closed.

I stopped by the library to pass some time and browsed the shelves, noticing that there were some titles I hadn’t seen there before. I sat at the round wooden table in the children’s section and started reading. The library was empty except for me and one other woman. It was quiet and there was a breeze from the open door. When the attendant returned and checked out my books, he smiled and said, “Miss Brindle, right?”

As I walked over the bridge into Santa Elena and looped back into San Ignacio, I took in the little things I love about where I live, capturing a few images on my iphone. I rarely take pictures when I’m out and about; I often don’t have an outside view since I’m in it. But this time I decided to really notice and see. And doing that connected me to being here, now. To this country, this town, my home.

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