The Notebooks

I currently have three separate notebooks for writing. This is not unusual for me, as there have been times in the past where I’ve had even more than that in rotation. I’ve kept some sort of notebook since I was a kid, and after much trial and error I’ve found that having three works for me. I have one for journaling thoughts and feelings, one for keeping notes on projects, and a newer addition – a book for writing about dreams and ideas. Lately I find myself writing in the last one the most.

Writing for me has always been an anchor, a way to record and make sense of my experience, a way of bearing witness. When I first started The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron in 1998, the most important practice I received from it was what she called Morning Pages – three long-hand pages of writing done first thing every morning. I’ve done The Artist’s Way a few times since then and have found many of the tools useful, but the practice of morning pages really stuck with me. It’s something I come back to again and again, particularly when I am feeling blocked and need a place to dump all the mental chatter that gets in the way of creating.

Since moving to Belize last year, I have been writing quite a bit on this blog and in my journal. While my journal is really helpful in getting some insight into my inner world, and this blog is invaluable in sharing and connecting with folks online, I needed something else, a way to give my dreams and ideas their own space. With so many changes in my life and everything happening all at once, I needed to give my highest desires a voice. My Dream Manifestation Journal is where I write the things I want most. It’s where I write beyond what I believe is possible and make magic through my words. It is sacred.

I find that where I put my attention is where things happen. Synchronicity. Manifestation. Clarity and movement. I intend to continue journaling – it’s my breath and lifeline. And keeping track of my progress with creative and professional projects is essential to staying organized and connected to my work. My Dream Manifestation Journal is an expansion of both of those notebooks into the beautiful unknown, one page at a time.

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