The Lazy Goddess Five: #001

*Good thangs this week*

1. The new “fast food” spot on the corner. I put “fast food” in quotes because everything tastes home-cooked in this place. Like, everything. For real. Ro and I have been up in there almost every day. The place is tiny with two women in the kitchen, and they write their daily specials on a chalkboard sign out front. I’ve had a bunch of their stuff, from shrimp ceviche to fried fish to curry chicken, and it’s all been delicious. Verito’s is the shit.

2. My three favorite albums right now. I’m old. Soul and R&B music are my jam. I’ve had The Switch by Emily King, We Are KING by KING, and Malibu by Anderson .Paak in heavy rotation. Four kings and a Cali prince. So good.


3. New notebook and colored pens. I got these from the office supply store in town where I proceeded to geek the fuck out and wanted to buy everything brightly-colored in the place. Completing a journal and starting a new one is very satisfying, as are doodling in the margins and writing my dreams in purple and green.

4. Full Lotus Yoga & Pilates Studio. I took my first class with Sera yesterday and it was awesome. After practicing alone every day for almost five months, it was nice to get back into a room and downward dog with other folks. I was reminded how much I love the community aspect of practicing together. I splurged on a class card as a gift to myself. This is gonna be a weekly thing and I’m hype about it.

5. A pile of books and a sack of crystals by the bed. After not having access to new books for what felt like forever, I finally have a couple to read. The new book smell and feel of fresh pages on my fingers are truly divine. And working with my crystals has been so grounding and balancing. The clear quartz point has literally been pointing me in the right direction.



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