A Late Start

Ro’s long-time friend Angela came to visit on Saturday, and we carried on into the week. I’m just now kind of pulling it together. It was totally worth it, though. This was my first time meeting Angela and she’s the homie. We hung out and had brunch at one of my favorite spots, and had dinner on Monday night at a restaurant in Kontiki that I had never been to. Which had delicious frozen margaritas. So, you know.

It’s still so awesome for me when our friends come to visit. Having folks see what our life is like here and being able to share that with them is great. And it just makes me appreciate where we live and how much more relaxed our life is in Belize compared to when we were living in New York. No one is rushing or pushing hard come Monday morning, and the activity in town is more like a slow build than the frenetic chaos I was used to before I moved here. I remember when taking it easy at the beginning of the week felt like a luxury, like I wasn’t doing enough regardless of how busy I had been. It was ingrained in me that Monday was the start of the week, no matter what, and required a stern return to productivity. While I do enjoy setting the tone for the week on Monday mornings, it’s also nice to be flexible and hang with a visiting friend without feeling guilty. It’s been easier here to let go of rigid ideas about what the week is supposed to look like and just do what works for me.

Today I finally got to some writing I needed to do, worked on a few things, ran errands, and eased back into my grounding routine. After a few weeks of chillier weather, the sun is out and I’m enjoying the heat. It feels good to be back in the flow.



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