One of the things I love about Belize is that just steps away from concrete there is jungle. I live in a small town surrounded by it and don’t have to walk very far to see stretches of land, unmanaged and unmaintained. It’s true that there are more buildings going up, even in the short time that I’ve lived here. And even still, so much of the land in Cayo is lush and green.

Coming from New York City, where one has to drive for hours to get to the woods, I feel incredibly lucky to live in a place where nature is so accessible. The jungle is especially alive to me. There is a rawness to it that I feel a visceral connection to. The smell of earth and palms, tall thickets of trees, hearing five different bird calls and catching red and yellow flashes of their breasts – these make me feel grounded and rooted.

There is also an aliveness within me that I feel, an inner wildness. I know that I came to Belize not just to expand my quality of life and experience, but also to connect with myself in a different way. The land reminds me of my true nature as a woman and an artist, the parts of me that got folded and tidied up by years of making myself more palatable. It’s a reflection of my own wild spirit in all its fullness.






2 thoughts on “Wilderness

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