Lazy Goddess Beauty: Hemp Seed Oil

Living in Belize, with its tropical climate, has done wonders for my overall health, especially my skin and hair. My skin is sensitive and responds best to a minimal routine with very few products. For years I’ve been obsessed with using natural oils, and have written about my love for local Belizean coconut oil. It’s been my head-to-toe beauty staple but, alas, my face does not respond well to it due to its high comedogenic nature. I stubbornly kept trying because I really like the idea of using one oil for everything, but after this last breakout it’s time to let it go and accept that it’s for everything except my face.

I recently ran out of my beloved grapeseed oil which I’d been using as a face moisturizer for years, and haven’t been able to find it here. Rather than order it from Amazon and pay out the ass for shipping, I decided to buy something local and bought a bottle of organic hemp seed oil from a seller at the market last week. I usually avoid the white American corner of the market and prefer buying from Belizeans which directly supports them, but I figured it was okay this time because the oil was made locally. Sigh.

I’ve been using it on my face every day and I’m loving it! It’s very healing and nourishing. It has an herbal, earthy smell, which I like, and it’s non-comedogenic so it doesn’t make me break out. It’s also high in linoleic acid like my trusty grapeseed oil, which keeps my pores from getting clogged, and it actually does a better job than the grapeseed of moisturizing my skin during the dryer season this time of year. And it has a natural SPF of 6, so I feel comfortable being in the sun for a few minutes at a time without worry of getting burned (this Central American sun is no joke, y’all!).

It’s a bit pricey ($15BZ for two ounces) so I use it sparingly and probably won’t oil cleanse with it, but I’m keeping this one in the rotation. It plays well with my essential oils and is inspiring me to make a homemade skin-balancing serum. And I love that I can get it right here in town. After years of trying and using different kinds of products, I get hype when I find something new that is healthy and contributes to my flourish. ‘Cus that’s always the goal!


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