(Truly) Alright

I’ve been quiet on here this week. Things are good, with the perfect amount of busy and chill. Easter is celebrated in Belize for four days, so since Friday there’s been permission to just relax. Which I always appreciate.

Lately I’ve been enjoying life and being in the moment. While integrating what feels like a lot of internal activity from the lunar and solar eclipses this month, and all the shifts that were created, I’m glad to be connecting with other parts of my life in a physical sense – sitting outside and taking in all the lush green around me, feeling the sun and heat on my shoulders, and eating abundant amounts of watermelon.

My work has also taken on a more tangible, focused quality. Seeing a few private clients, joining the women’s empowerment organization for health events in Belize City, and moving forward with personal and creative projects are all really great right now.

These are times to relish. When life feels good and everything is (truly) alright. With all the changes that are happening around us, I’m grateful.


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