Cycles & Feelings: Mars Retrograde & Full Moon In Scorpio

madame la lune tarot card

It’s been a quiet week. I’m feeling the effects of Mars retrograde that started on Sunday. As the planet of drive and desire has slowed and changed direction, I’ve shifted my awareness inward to how I’m driving and directing Mars energy in my life. After a few weeks of being really focused on following through with work projects and partnerships, I welcome a bit of space to reset and reflect.

I’m also feeling the energy of tomorrow night’s full moon in Scorpio, and allowing myself to flow with its watery expansion and release. Looking back on what I started at the beginning of this lunar cycle, I feel good about where I am with things. There is movement and growth. There is progress.

I tend to be more sensitive around full moons, and have been observing what’s coming up for me. This has become much easier since I moved to Belize as I’ve slowed waaaay down, and I can see more clearly where there is fear, anxiety, tightness. It’s usually around the same stuff I’ve been consciously working with for a while – money, stability, security. I’m gentler with myself now, and changing my relationship to those concepts and how I engage them. It’s a process. Bit by bit.

Another cycle is ending. I’m feeling its fullness.


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