Water, Water Everywhere: Yemaya, The Sea & Me

Last night I dreamed of a calm, vast, turquoise sea and the biggest swimming pool I’ve ever seen, deep and sparkling. Water has been all up in my dreams and life lately, presenting itself in my conscious and subconscious spaces. I welcome this reflection of my internal process and the symbolism I’m drawing in – cleansing, renewal, deepening my intuition and connection to spirit.

This watery energy was amplified by the full moon a few days ago, manifesting a trip down south to PG (Punta Gorda) with the ladies for a PETAL event (Promoting Empowerment Through Awareness for Lesbian/Bisexual Women). The drive south is a breathtaking one, winding through valleys of lush green jungle. But as we arrived in town and drove along the Caribbean Sea, I thought, “Oh yes, this is where I need to be.”

The smell and sight of the sea was restorative. I received what I needed, gathering with black women and discussing our health and wellness, sexuality and identity. Being of service. Sharing and exchange. Fried fish and watermelon juice. Laughter and celebration of our womanhood. Honoring my own queer self. Heart opening and the fullness of Yemaya’s healing energy.



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