Labour Day

Today is Labour Day in Belize, or International Workers’ Day as it’s observed in many other countries. The first day of May is also a traditional celebration of the spring season in some cultures. While I don’t formally celebrate either of these holidays, I am reflecting on the themes inspired by both – growth, renewal, and honoring the work that sustains us.

April was a really full and busy month. A huge accomplishment was finally getting authorized to work by the Ministry of Labor. It was a long process that represents forward movement for me, and even with the frustrating aspects of it, things all came together quite wonderfully. When I first got to Belize, I was introduced by a friend of a friend to a woman who had started an organization for lesbian and bisexual women, and who was looking for someone to bring a psychosocial aspect to the work she was doing with women throughout the country. For the past nine months, I have developed a relationship with her and with her organization, PETAL (Promoting Empowerment Through Awareness For Lesbian/Bisexual Women), which led to my receiving the work permit through her. It’s amazing sometimes how things work out, even beyond what I initially imagine.

I’m thinking about the importance of building that foundation and how that has led me to where I am now. How necessary it has been for me to grow relationships and surrender to the process of living here – being vulnerable and allowing things to unfold in time as they are meant to. It has been a huge leap of faith. I am thankful for all of the people in my life, here and from where I’ve come, who have contributed to this experience and expansion. And I am also celebrating the hard work I have done in my career(s) over the years which brought me to this place.

On this first day of a new month, I’m letting myself just chill. Sundays in town are usually slow and quiet, and Mercury’s recent retrograde has me moving a bit more leisurely lately. After the fruitful efforts of April, I welcome the shift.


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