Reset & A Self-Care Roundup

floating in pool

Monday. The start of a new week. I’m feeling optimistic about this one. How about y’all?

I had a quiet and restful weekend, which was necessary. Last week was rough, full of stops and starts, culminating in a very confusing Friday. I went to the immigration office feeling hype about my recent volunteer status, letter of approval in hand from the Ministry of Labor, fully expecting to receive a waiver of half my monthly immigration fee. In true Mercury retrograde fashion, it was revealed to me that there were several steps that needed to be done first, resulting in my standing in line at the income tax office waiting for a statement and confirmation. No haps. After a lot of back and forth, I ended up paying the full immigration fee, waiting for an hour at what I thought was a bus stop (it wasn’t), and having to walk on the hot ass road to flag down a bus back home. Boo.

You know those times when you think you have it together and just know things are gonna work out, only to be reminded that you’re in way over your head? Like that time you tried to sing “Rolling In The Deep” at karaoke, and gagged when the chorus kicked in?

Oh wait, that was me.

“Congratulations… you played yourself.” © DJ Khaled

It’s all good. Today is a new day. And I have my self-care practice to ground me and get me back in alignment. In the spirit of resetting and starting on a positive note, here’s a roundup of self-care posts. May we all have the refreshing week we need.

1.  Two-Step With The Trickster: 5 Things That Get Me Through Mercury Retrograde
2.  The Fifth House: Mercury Retrograde & New Moon In Capricorn
3.  The Practice: Part I
4.  The Practice: Part II
5.  Movement & Mindfulness: Lessons From My 30-Day Yoga Challenge
6.  Commitment & Compassion: Lessons From 180 Days Of Yoga
7.  Reiki & Receiving
8.  The Notebooks
9.  Filling The Well: The Space To Create
10. To All My Departed

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