How To Heal

Move to a cabin on a farm owned by a black Belizean family for over twenty years. Recognize that being in Belize for a year has made you slow down even more and want to live further outside of town. Accept that the universe has conspired to bring you to this place that you have been calling in. Trust that this is where you need to be.

Begin settling into this new home with its community of people who welcome you, grazing horses, cats, dogs, and abundant fruit trees from which you pick your plantains for breakfast. Wake up each morning to the sound of bird calls and wind rustling through palms. Sit on your screened-in porch with its lush, green view and drink your tea. Listen to what the land is telling you. Know that you are safe here.

Remember that you came to Belize to heal, and moving to this farm is the next step in that process. Remember how you felt in the States – stressed, pressured, panicked, like no matter how hard you worked it was never enough. Realize how deep the programming was that made you doubt yourself and develop the mental default of fear and lack. Remember that your anxiety and worry are just fear. Know that you are peeling back those layers and creating a new reality, one where you are enough and you have what you need. Know that this process is transforming you on a cellular level. Allow this release to happen, one breath at a time.

Know that your practice, your work, your community support you.

Know that you deserve to be healthy and happy.

Know that you are exactly that.






One thought on “How To Heal

  1. Hi there.

    I’m planning on moving to Belize next year to study with a traditional healer (and I’ll also be brining along my husband and children).

    I have a few questions for you. Is there anyway I can email you?


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