The Front Porch

my favorite tree
my favorite tree…

We’ve been living on the farm for a month now, and being here is so peaceful and inspiring. There are some adjustments I’ve had to make to my routine, including getting used to a more rustic way of living (hello, spiders and scorpions), but overall I feel like I’m finding my rhythm. I’ve been bike riding into town more and I’m slowly getting comfortable with it, which is huge for me. And I’ve found a tree which I’ve declared my favorite. Old, tall and wise, it’s where I go to sit and reflect, listen to birds, watch iguanas climb and chase bugs, and receive answers to my questions. I’ve discovered ways to ground my practice here – taking walks around the farm, meditating under my tree and listening – which is how I know I’m truly settling in.

my workspace
my new workspace…

My favorite part of the cabin is our screened-in porch, which is surrounded by trees and has the most wonderful and relaxing view. It houses the outdoor kitchen, and is where I sit in the mornings to drink tea and write in my journal. I’ve also made it my workspace, where I type posts for the blog and Journal entries for my business site. I’ve created a nice little corner on the table with some of my favorite images, writing tools, and my beloved quartz elephants. The porch is where Ro and I sit together and sip rum, talk shit, and play music. It is truly a place to land.

Having a designated writing space – one where I can sit and think, as well as get words down – is an essential part of my creative process. When I was developing the idea for my performance in LAB3 at the Image Factory in Belize City, the porch was where I sat and reflected on what themes I wanted to draw from, what my inspirations were for the piece. I feel expansive on the farm, inspired to create by the nature around me, and connected to myself and what I want my daily life to look like. This is honestly what I dreamed about when I moved to Belize. It’s all coming together here, and I’m grateful to be in this place where my surroundings bring so much to my practice and wellbeing.

on the farm

on the farm

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