Asking & Receiving: New Moon In Leo

on the beach
photo by Charrice Talbert

I’m in a reflective mood this week. It’s the start of a new month – my birthday month – and I’ll be turning 40 in a few weeks. I’m thinking a lot about what I want the theme for August to be and how I want to consciously enter this next decade of my life. There will be celebrations – my girls are coming down to Belize from the States to bring in my solar return with me. There will be revelry and shenanigans. I’m so looking forward to that.

Right now, though, I’m feeling pensive. I’ve slowed down a lot from the busy energy of June and July, and am respecting my need for rest, contemplation and a more relaxed pace to reset. I’m tired. My body is telling me to surrender to this shift in movement. It’s a moment of transition – I can feel it in my bones.

Part of this process is clearing out and releasing. I’m realizing how much I’ve been holding onto. As I near the end of my 30’s, a lot is coming up around what I’ve hoped and worked for over the years. I am incredibly grateful – I’ve moved to Belize, where I wanted to live for years, and have managed to find sustainable ways of working and building community. I’m also mourning some losses and accepting that certain hopes and dreams haven’t yet come to pass. It’s all happening at once, and I’m allowing it all to come through. This is what my practice is about – being present with what is.

This morning I wrote in my journal about what I want to manifest. I talked to my ancestors and asked the questions that have been perched on my tongue. I drew a tarot card, recharged with Reiki and my clear quartz and amethyst crystals, and walked out to the orchards to sit under my favorite tree. I listened. I wrote my intentions for the new moon. I smudged myself and my home with sage, and did my daily yoga asanas. I called in the energy and support I need.

The new moon in Leo is reminding me to shine. To grow. To be myself, fully, in all aspects of my life. To trust my intuition. To accept my power. As it illuminates my twelfth house of transformation, I invite The Lioness to enter my space, my dreams, to ignite my solar plexus chakra of will and light a fire under my ass. With all the challenges this year, I’ve discovered the depths of my resilience. This is what I call on now, as I set my intentions for the new cycle: Asking for what aligns with my heart’s desire. Receiving in all forms.

The forecast signals heavy rain and wind in the coming days. Here in the mountains, we won’t get the worst of it. But the rains will come. I welcome the cleansing and renewal.

Happy new moon, y’all.


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