Holding Space

Caye Caulker sea

This month is off to a quiet start. Not what I expected.

I began seeing therapy clients in Belize City this week. It’s come at an interesting time. I initially thought I’d be juggling several projects by now, but things are slow to unfold. Mercury retrograde, solar eclipses and the powers that be have me in a holding pattern. So many things in my personal and professional life are stalled, and it’s taken me from frustration and stress to acceptance. Rather than resist or try to control, I’m doing my best to go with the flow – tending to the details of my life, taking clear steps toward what I want to achieve, and being flexible to shifts in direction.

There’s something really nice about starting this work right now. I’m present. Focused. I’ve been moving through my own inner process of reflection, finding ways to show up for myself and do the work without struggling against what isn’t happening. Staying open to what this time is showing me. Trusting. Holding space for myself as I stay grounded and find my way through this period of not knowing. And holding space for my clients as they navigate their own process.

This is the work I love. I’m grateful to be doing it.

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