Home Again & Sweet Justice

Kyana on porchWe moved five times this year. Y’all… to tell you that it took an emotional toll is an understatement. Not having a permanent place to live for eight months was completely destabilizing. I was lucky to have my practice, and the support of my partner and friends and family, to help me cultivate a sense of “home” within as much as I could. And even though I rolled with the punches and made the best of things, there was a palpable feeling of insecurity and a lingering sense of being in perpetual transition that couldn’t be resolved until we found another home.

And we did.

Three weeks ago, we moved into our little apartment. And I finally feel the ground under my feet again. We have space. And colorful walls. And a shared garden with the lovely owners who treat us like family and send up fresh baked bread and pots of soup. We have a real kitchen. And a porch. And peace.


September was a tough month. Mercury retrograde brought endless breakdowns in planning and communication. The eclipses brought up all my old shit. And I rode the waves of uncertainty with work and finances, sometimes being pulled under, but finding my way through, grateful for a home to land.

A few nights ago I dreamed that a friend took me to an ice cream shop for my birthday. She bought me a cake with white icing and confetti sprinkles, and I looked up at the chalkboard menu of ice cream flavors and saw “Justice,” in big, yellow, swirled lettering.

Sweet Justice.

That’s my theme for the month. To manifest sweetness and joy in my life. To create balance and beauty in loving Libra style. To use my creativity and be of service. To connect with my community, and support others in this world where so many of us experience grave injustices and are denied access to balance and security in so many ways.

May we all get what we need.
May we all have a home to land.



4 thoughts on “Home Again & Sweet Justice

      1. You look beautiful. Even with turmoil of moving your mind and body stay intact. Your current life journey is amazing! Having had so many moves sounds like bit of A trauma, but you sound as though you are finding your way. I hope your journey frees spirit. Well, you sound freed. The times can make us lplacid and build resistance to creativity. You are survivalist and explorer. Brave heart stay steady and kiss the road to triumph. L


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