Wrap It Up, B: Shifting Into A New Season


All around me shifts are happening. High season is coming here in Belize, and shops and restaurants around San Ignacio are preparing for the influx of tourists. It’s also still rainy season and we’ve been getting more regular showers throughout the day. The humidity is in full effect, the nights are cooler, and the days are starting to feel shorter as darkness creeps into the evenings a little bit earlier than before.

I’m going through my own seasonal change. It’s been a calm and quiet month, and I’m grateful for that after the chaos of September and August. Maybe it’s the cooler nights, maybe it’s the year steadily easing toward the holidays, but I’m feeling a bit of a slowdown. These days I just want to take it easy and go with the flow, even more than usual.

Is it just me or is anyone else ready to wrap up 2016?

I’ve hit that point when the urgency of starting new projects and pushing forward with work is waning. When I just want to focus on completing what’s in front of me, tying up loose ends as best as I can, and reflecting on the year. I’m still processing and integrating all that I’ve experienced and learned.

It’s been a tough year in a lot of ways and I feel like I’ve finally caught my breath. I really appreciate having this time and space to focus on how I’m doing and how far I’ve come. As I learn more about my personal cycles and seasons, I recognize when I’m nearing the end of hustle mode. My mutable Virgo energy is gearing up for change into the next season.

I’m noticing how this shift is impacting different areas of my life, like my creativity. I’m writing less online but playing more. I’m being more flexible with my daily routine and allowing the structures of my life to change as they need to. And I’m cool with that. I’m reminding myself that I get to decide what my life looks and feels like, and trusting myself to adjust when it’s time to switch things up.





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