Holding, Healing, Releasing: Full Moon In Taurus


I spent the weekend at home writing a research report about the needs of lesbian and bisexual women in Belize. It took a tremendous amount of effort. For days since the US election results, I couldn’t find the mental or emotional energy to do much beyond the basics. But yesterday I was grateful to have that report to focus on. It reminded me of who I am, what I value, and why I do the work I do.

Here in Belize I have some distance from events in the States but still feel the impact, especially the fear, anger and sadness from people I love. I’ve been wanting to hold them, to listen, to support however I can. As I’m reflecting on their struggles and wishing for their safety, I feel gratitude for the location of my own queer, black woman body in a country I move through without fear.

I recognize the privilege in being able to say that; as painful as it is to have my sexual identity dismissed or denied, I’m aware of the access to safety afforded me as a cis woman in a relationship with a cis man. Still, I am a woman and navigate sexism and patriarchy wherever I go. And though I feel closer to it in Belize, I’ve been seeking safety all my life.

This is what must be healed. This is why I work for the safety of others, so that we may all be safe.

The full moon in Taurus reminds me to honor what I have and what I am building, to continue creating space for others so that we may all thrive. This is a time for expansion of what keeps us grounded and nourished. I’m holding on to love, to the support and care that sustains me. There’s work to do.



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