Taking A Moment

tea on porch

It’s been hard to write in this space lately. If I’m honest, it’s been hard to write in general. I worked on a piece this week for my coaching site about moving through resistance in the creative process, something I’d been putting off doing for weeks. While I feel good about having accomplished that, the fact that it took me so long to write it speaks to how I’ve been struggling with my own resistance.

Mostly, though, I’m just tired.

It’s been a long year. A tough one, too. I’ve been reflecting a lot on what this year has been – thinking about what I’ve learned, what I’m still learning, and what I want to leave behind as I move into the next. So much has happened between the moves and displacement, building a work life here in Belize, and my own internal journey throughout this process of living abroad. I’m still processing all of it.

Even though the holidays are coming up and there’s a festive energy in the air, I’m feeling pretty quiet right now. These days, it’s all about going at my own pace, staying grounded, and taking time to chill when I need a moment. Which is often.

Something I’ve discovered since moving here is when I start to slow down, it’s best to just go with it. Yes, there are still things that need to be done. But I’ve gotten better at accepting when my ass is dragging.

When did we decide that we need to push, push, push in order to get what what we need? I’m at the point where that just feels exhausting. I know I’m not the only one.

So I’m surrendering to the moment and keeping things as simple and scaled-back as possible. This means clearing my schedule of things that aren’t priorities, making more space for yoga and meditation to center me and calm my nerves, choosing when to respond to emails and people instead of being on automatic, and getting off my laptop to actually sit and eat a meal or hang out on my porch and watch the trees.

‘Tis the season of whatever we make it.

2 thoughts on “Taking A Moment

  1. I have been feeling many of the same things you write about here, especially the part about scaling down. 2016 was exhausting for many of us, as you say. I hope and pray that 2017 will have more room for vitality and peace as we experience more of what’s essential and not all that extra ‘stuff’. Namaste, Aleya


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