Crossing: Full Moon In Libra

coconut trees

I’m reminded all the time how living abroad is an ongoing process of expansion and release. Allowing in and letting go. Being open to change. Being vulnerable. Getting over myself. Seeing the world with fresh eyes. Creating new memories. Experiencing what this country has to share, again and again. 

Belize is under my skin, in my ears and on my tongue. I catch myself speaking “small Kriol” without stuttering, seeing more folks I recognize and realizing we’ve been crossing paths for almost two years. Slipping a bit more seamlessly into social exchange from one situation to the next. The frustration of things particular to this place – its smells, its process, its contradictions. Losing my patience and finding it.

Belize feels like family now.

I love being a local. Folks knowing me at the market and anticipating my order in shops, greeting familiar faces in other towns. Moving to Santa Elena, though just over the bridge from San Ignacio, has been a new experience in some ways – a change from my routine, a fresh rhythm, a different view. I appreciate the tall, swaying coconut trees outside my window, the bougainvillea growing along the veranda.


Tomorrow night’s full moon in Libra is reminding me that life is about crossing the threshold of new beginnings, from one moment to the next, and the opportunity to be fully present with that gift. Libra urges me to acknowledge the roots I’ve put down here and be nourished by their abundance, to find some balance between material and spiritual needs, and to celebrate the foundation that is available to me even amid cycles of growth and change. As it waxes to completion, the moon calls on gratitude for the necessary process of expansion and contraction, with all its beautiful and messy moments.

river from the bridge
crossing the bridge

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