Jumping In: New Moon In Gemini

swimming pool photo by Nophi Mitchell
photo by Nophi Mitchell

So I’m officially in rehearsals for the play.

It’s been years since I was in a full cast play. As much as I’m a seasoned theater actor (ha!) who’s been performing since I was a kid, the process is always exciting and full of nervous energy for me. Theater and performing are my loves and bring me joy, and they also challenge me and take me to unknown places. There is a huge surrender that’s required, which is both awesome and scary. 

I’m thrilled to be having this experience here in Belize, with the Wildfire art space in San Ignacio. We’re doing ‘The Mojo and the Sayso’ by the late Aishah Rahman, a wonderful and powerful play about family, grief, and finding our way back to whole. As I get deeper into the script and prepare to be off-book by this weekend (!!!), I’m really connecting with the text and a lot of the themes are resonating with me. As I enter the next phase of the rehearsal process, I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a diving board high above the pool, my toes curled over, summoning the courage to take the leap. As with every performance I’ve done which was meaningful to me, I know that this process will take me to deep places within myself.

This is the call of the creative process.

One of the wonderful things about doing this play is working with others and the community that forms from all of us making this thing happen, together. I hadn’t really realized it until now, but the community aspect is what I’ve been craving for a while. Having grown up in a family of artists and walking that path from an early age, so many relationships and connections have come out of those experiences of sharing the stage with other folks, going through the creative process together and finding our collective way to the other side, changed by what we have done. Some of my closest friends are those I’ve met on the path. There is a special, unique bond that happens in theater which I’ve been missing. I’m looking forward to seeing what that will be like in this country I’m growing into, which is still new to me in so many ways.

Today’s new moon in Gemini is an invitation to enter my creative process with intention and allow myself to be transformed by the experience. As this new lunar cycle begins, Gemini offers the opportunity to communicate and express all the dimensions of who I am. Gemini reminds me to embrace duality and be open to the seemingly opposing thoughts, ideas, feelings and facets of my identity. To find the beauty and joy in the unknown and what the present moment has to offer.

This state of mind and heart will serve me well as I go into this theater process with my fellow actors and creators. I am ready. Time to jump.

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