Reaching: On Dreams, Goals & Milestones

Naked Layers Garner exhibit
Naked Layers exhibition at Garner Art Center, photo by Novel Idea

There are periods of time that seem to drag on so slowly it feels like being underwater. And then there are periods that seem to move so quickly it feels like riding an electric current. The last three months have flown by in a flash, full of ups and downs, stops and starts, and unexpected surprises. They have also been really productive and I’ve done some things I’m especially proud of. 

One of these things is exhibiting the film project I’ve been working on for years with my creative partner, Novel Idea, at the Garner Arts Festival in New York. Naked Layers has been a labor of love for the past five years, and this exhibition was a big deal for us. I remember when we first started the project in 2011, how huge it seemed at the time to even begin. To have our work exhibited at the festival feels amazing, and is so encouraging.

PPS training
photo by Charrice Talbert

I also just completed the first Paraprofessional Psychosocial Support Certification training with PETAL. It’s the first training of its kind in Belize and one which took months to develop and facilitate. I feel really great about the curriculum I developed and am so proud of my trainees. I’m looking forward to continuing this process and expanding the training to include clinical education and practice. This project is building momentum and I feel like I’m a part of the development of the mental health field here.

Mojo flyer
photo by Stef Willis

Rehearsals are in full swing for the play I’m doing in town, The Mojo and the Sayso. The process has been amazing, intense, exhausting, fun, challenging – so many things. We go up next week! I’m so grateful to be a part of this play with such a wonderful group of people. 

All of these things are milestones – dreams, goals and visions I had that I worked my ass off for. I’ve moved through to the other side. I know that the more I do and build and create, the more I need to keep showing up to grow these things and take it all to the next level. Right now, that feels really good and I’m so down for the task.

Onward and upward!


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