Say Yes: Summer Solstice & New Moon In Cancer

The rainy season has officially begun here in Belize. With it comes overcast mornings and afternoon showers, with fluctuating temperatures and peeks of sunshine. Between periods of heavy rain, the air is fresh and the colors of the surrounding trees and flowers come alive. Everything is so green, more lush and vibrant. After the scorching dryness of the previous months, I welcome the change this season brings. 

I am feeling the shift within myself as well. A surge in energy. A greater sensitivity. A stronger desire to express my creativity and connect with those around me. Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year which marks the midpoint and signals a new cycle of growth. Tomorrow is the new moon in Cancer which pulls our awareness to that which comforts and nurtures as we step into the next phase. Both of these events  invite us to reflect on the seeds we have planted which are now thriving and all the lush, green goodness that is coming into our lives.

The watery energy of Cancer has me in my feelings this week. As I’m taking stock of the first half of the year and revisiting the goals and intentions I set for myself, I am reminded to also check in with my emotions and be open to what I discover in that space. And there is so much. 2017 has been challenging me to expand beyond myself, to move through obstacles and losses, to show up and speak up, to look some deep-seated fears in the eye and let them go. 2017 has urged me to keep coming back to my practice, to my commitment and creativity, to my community. 2017 has taught me that there is so much love and support available to me, that I can’t do everything alone and I don’t have to.

In this moment of change and transformation, I open myself to receive the love, abundance and opportunities that are offered. I renew my commitment to those projects, dreams and relationships that still hold my heart, and release those which are not in alignment with my highest vision for my life. I freely express my gratitude for the affirmations that I am on my path and doing good work. There have been so many lately, and rather than reject them from a place of lack and low self-worth, I acknowledge and embrace them and allow them to move me forward. This is what 2017 has given me.

Happy Summer Solstice and new moon in Cancer 💜

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