Places & Spaces: Full Moon In Capricorn


Time seems to be moving so fast, each week just as full as the previous. I’m not complaining. The past few months have been ripe with experiences that have shifted, challenged and changed me. And looking ahead, it seems there are still more to come. I’m incredibly grateful. 

Periods like this of intense and successive activity can be overwhelming. There are moments when I feel I haven’t quite caught up to myself, like the day or week or month has gotten ahead of me and I am calling forth the energy and focus to keep moving forward. In these times, I look to my self-care and spiritual practice to ground and center me, to bring my attention and awareness to what is most important, to connect with the truth that I am supported in all ways. I remind myself that I asked for this.

My uncle Doug and his girlfriend Kaori recently visited me in Belize, and it was so great to see them, spend time, and take them to some of my favorite places in town. I also got to do some fun, touristy stuff with them like visit the Maya site Xunantunich. Y’all… that view from up there was breathtaking. Truly.

I was also able to invite Doug and Kaori to the closing weekend of the play I was in, which I’m so proud of.

Mojo & Awilda
photo by Lauren Burn

After a week following the closing and getting a bit of space to breathe, reflect, and get on track with some of my consulting work and workshops with PETAL, this week finds me back in creative mode as I get ready for my performance in LAB4 at the Image Factory Art Foundation, which I will also be performing at Wildfire later this month. I’m excited, nervous and curious about this piece I’ll be doing this week at LAB. So much of the creative process is about discovery, stepping out beyond the boundary of my ideas and trusting what comes from that. Being open to what is created in the moment. Connecting with the part of me that is fiercely alive and raw and isn’t afraid of getting messy.

I Am The Lovers LAB4

The full moon in Capricorn reminds me to honor the foundations I have created, and those that have been created for me by my ancestors. Under the radiating light of this moon’s energy, I give myself permission to celebrate the goodness of my life and the lives of those around me. I remind myself that I don’t have to do life perfectly as long as I bring care, kindness and integrity to all I do. I remember my connection to the healing cycles of life which will always bring change, death and rebirth, and the magic of transformation. I remember that no matter how hard things get, there is always a chance to start again, stabilize our roots, and plant new seeds.

And when I forget why I’m doing the work I’m doing, or get caught in trying to figure out how everything will come together, I remember:


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