Kyana by the sea in PG

I spent the weekend in Punta Gorda and Hopkins with the PETAL ladies. It was a perfect end to the month and just what I needed – being by the sea, hanging out, and taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of Belize. 

July was a full month, in a wonderful way. I spent the month doing the work and art that I love to do, and I’m super grateful for that. And on this first day of August, I find myself wanting to slow down a bit, ease in, and get grounded and ready for what this month will bring.

Lots of changes in the air.

August promises to be a busy month. We’re moving (again!), I’ll be performing I Am The Lovers at the Bang Temple exhibition opening in Brooklyn I’m developing with Nfinit Foundation Arts, and I’ll be visiting my hometown of New York City, which I’m super excited about ‘cus I’m missing my folks. It’s also my birthday month, and I’m gearing up for turning 41 and officially entering my 40s.

I’m finding the moments for tuning in, for self-care and reflection amid all the activity. A necessary part. I’m reminding myself that I can be grateful for the shifts and changes in my life even as I long for rest and relaxation. I’m remembering that periods of rest are just as important as periods of productivity, that I am not only defined by what I do, and that I am allowed to receive as much as I give.

Along with all the movement, I hope to experience moments of stillness.

May you get what you need this month.

Happy August, y’all.

I Am The Lovers @ Wildfire
I Am The Lovers at Wildfire art space, photo by Cayo Scoop

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