Water, Water Everywhere: Yemaya, The Sea & Me

Last night I dreamed of a calm, vast, turquoise sea and the biggest swimming pool I’ve ever seen, deep and sparkling. Water has been all up in my dreams and life lately, presenting itself in my conscious and subconscious spaces. I welcome this reflection of my internal process and the symbolism I’m drawing in – cleansing, renewal, deepening my intuition and connection to spirit. Continue reading “Water, Water Everywhere: Yemaya, The Sea & Me”

The Good Kind Of Busy

The past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind, very full and very busy. This has included an early morning session with a new client on Saturday, an overnight trip to Dangriga for an event with a lesbian and bisexual women’s organization, rehearsing for the upcoming show this weekend, and buying furniture for the apartment. All of these are good things. Continue reading “The Good Kind Of Busy”