Finding My Flow

Dangriga beachLast week there was a hurricane here in Belize, which resulted in us being without electricity for three days. We were lucky in that we still had running water and no serious flooding on the farm, and there wasn’t much water damage to my belongings except for a few soggy books and journals. All things that can be replaced. Still, it was uncomfortable and exhausting, with hot and buggy nights, and spoiled food. Continue reading “Finding My Flow”

“Summertime” In Belize

watermelon drinkSeeing as how Belize only has two seasons – rainy and dry – and it’s hot and tropical all year-round, it feels a little silly to refer to July and August as “Summer.” But there is a shift – the kids are getting out of school, folks are taking vacation time, and everyone is talking about these next couple months as “Summer,” so I will too. Continue reading ““Summertime” In Belize”


One of the things I love about Belize is that just steps away from concrete there is jungle. I live in a small town surrounded by it and don’t have to walk very far to see stretches of land, unmanaged and unmaintained. It’s true that there are more buildings going up, even in the short time that I’ve lived here. And even still, so much of the land in Cayo is lush and green. Continue reading “Wilderness”


Ro and I are in Caye Caulker for a few days. We rented a private house on the beach. This is my first time at the sea since I moved to Belize, and the first time in Caye Caulker since our last visit in January when we decided to move to this country. It’s good to be back.

This morning I woke up and did yoga on the balcony. I sat and watched the herons dive into the water for fish. I swam in the sea, floating on my back in the gentle waves, my heart to the sky. I am so incredibly grateful to be here.