Weaving My Web: The Healing Kind

Last week I met with a group of young Belizean folks who are doing a museum project about spirituality in Belize. They wanted to talk with me and Jamaul about our backgrounds and the work that we do, and to get more acquainted with some spiritual concepts and traditions as they relate to Belizean culture and history. Continue reading “Weaving My Web: The Healing Kind”

I Am Not An Expat

New and old friends…

The first time I experienced living somewhere other than my hometown of New York was in college. I moved to Ohio knowing nothing about the place. I had visited the school earlier that year with my mom and high school friend. The road trip part was cool. The school was in a small town that was the equivalent of three city blocks. I walked around the tiny, green campus in my long floral dress and Doc Marten combat boots and tried to picture myself as a student there. It wasn’t until I moved on campus later that summer that I realized what I had done. Big city girl in a small town. Continue reading “I Am Not An Expat”