Up Close From Afar: On Being A Black American Abroad

PETAL team
The team of PETAL (Promoting Empowerment Through Awareness for Lesbian/Bisexual Women)

I recently came across an article on Facebook where the author, a black American woman living abroad, was telling other black Americans to “stay woke” while living in other countries. She insisted that we need to stay involved in American politics by communicating with legislators and absentee voting on state and local levels, among other things. She also spoke about acknowledging our privilege of having the luxury to live abroad, and using that unique position as a way to stay politically active. Continue reading “Up Close From Afar: On Being A Black American Abroad”

Lazy Goddess Beauty: Hemp Seed Oil

Living in Belize, with its tropical climate, has done wonders for my overall health, especially my skin and hair. My skin is sensitive and responds best to a minimal routine with very few products. For years I’ve been obsessed with using natural oils, and have written about my love for local Belizean coconut oil. Continue reading “Lazy Goddess Beauty: Hemp Seed Oil”