The Forest For The Trees: Reflections On Living Abroad

photo by Tanisha Christie 

On Friday, I spent most of the day in Belmopan taking care of business for a volunteer permit. It required a lot of running around – talking with people at the Ministry of Labor, getting photos taken, gathering documents, and sitting in the police station waiting to receive copies of my record – on a 100-degree day. I did all of this with my friend Simone, who is helping me secure a permit with her women’s organization so that I can provide mental health consulting. Continue reading “The Forest For The Trees: Reflections On Living Abroad”


Yesterday I did a talk in Belize City about mental health and psychotherapy for a women’s organization named PETAL (Promoting Empowerment Through Awareness for Lesbian/Bisexual Women). It was an all-day event, part of a recent series of “conversations,” and the topic was psychosocial support. Continue reading “Giggin’”