Kyana by the sea in PG

I spent the weekend in Punta Gorda and Hopkins with the PETAL ladies. It was a perfect end to the month and just what I needed – being by the sea, hanging out, and taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of Belize.  Continue reading “August”

Reaching: On Dreams, Goals & Milestones

Naked Layers Garner exhibit
Naked Layers exhibition at Garner Art Center, photo by Novel Idea

There are periods of time that seem to drag on so slowly it feels like being underwater. And then there are periods that seem to move so quickly it feels like riding an electric current. The last three months have flown by in a flash, full of ups and downs, stops and starts, and unexpected surprises. They have also been really productive and I’ve done some things I’m especially proud of.  Continue reading “Reaching: On Dreams, Goals & Milestones”