San Ignacio Public Library

Today I joined the public library around the corner from my apartment. It’s little and sweet. Their book collection is small, but I found some new (to me) stuff to read and saw some novels by Toni Morrison and Joyce Carol Oates, so it’s good enough for me. Continue reading “San Ignacio Public Library”


Settling into our new apartment has been very satisfying. For one, the barrel that we shipped from the States before we left finally arrived with our favorite things. As much as I am open to the newness of moving to a place, there’s something really great about having stuff I love to see in my home every day, like my amber beaded lamp shade and brass elephant.  Continue reading “Green”

Mama, I Made It!

My first month in Belize!

It’s been kind of awesome. In between days of hanging out in San Ignacio, eating the amazing food at Jamaul’s restaurant (Roots Wraps & Smoothies – the best! And #1 in San Ignacio on Trip Advisor!), taking walks to the river, talking to lizards, tuning my ear to Spanish and Kriol, drinking beer and rum, and meeting some very friendly folks, I have also attended some wonderful events such as International Day of Yoga and the 20-year anniversary party for the Image Factory Art Foundation in Belize City. Continue reading “Mama, I Made It!”