This Isn’t A Fantasy, And That’s Okay

When Ro and I decided to move to Belize, it was after many years of conversations about living abroad. Both of us had traveled a lot, and I had lived for a while in Nigeria years earlier. We had talked about moving out of New York City, which extended to us wanting to move out of the States entirely. There were a bunch of reasons for this, ranging from wanting a lower cost of living to wanting a better quality of life. The main reason for me, though, has always been to have a different and more expansive experience, one I imagined would be wonderful in many ways. Continue reading “This Isn’t A Fantasy, And That’s Okay”

Right Where I Belong: Full Moon In Virgo

As the moon swells in its fullness, I’ve been activating my own. The month has presented all kinds of synchronicity and opportunities to connect with what I want, and my manifestation mojo is vibrating right now. This moon feels magical. Continue reading “Right Where I Belong: Full Moon In Virgo”