Within And Without: Finding Balance In Work & Life

Kyana on the sea photo by Nophi Mitchell
photo by Nophi Mitchell

One of the reasons I moved to Belize was because I wanted a slower pace. Living in my hometown of New York, where it felt like every minute needed to be scheduled, had worn me out. Between working to pay bills, finding time to spend with the people I love and taking care of my own needs, it all seemed to be one big rush, and never enough time to really enjoy my life. With the rising costs of living in the city – financially and emotionally – I was stretched too thin. Continue reading “Within And Without: Finding Balance In Work & Life”

The Root: On Money, Wealth & Worth

Part of the wonderful “A Painted Conversation: Community Mural Project” just completed in San Ignacio

One of the greatest things about my yoga practice is that is has reconnected me with my body in a very real, visceral way. It’s also reconnected me with my Reiki practice. Continue reading “The Root: On Money, Wealth & Worth”