A Beautiful Mess: Spring Equinox

Here in Belize, with its year-round heat and sunshine, I’ve actually become more sensitive to dips in temperature. My body feels the difference between eighty-five and ninety degrees, and a few days of seventy degree weather from a coastal cold front feels chilly. As much as I adore living in a place that is always warm, I remember how exciting it was in New York when spring finally sprung. Even though there isn’t a shift in weather here, I am tuning into the spring equinox and its influence on my own internal shift.  Continue reading “A Beautiful Mess: Spring Equinox”

The Good, Dark Night: Winter Solstice

Even though there is not much change in the weather here in Belize, I am feeling a shift. Winter So(u)lstice, the longest night of the year, is asking me to pay attention, to slow down, to acknowledge this transitional moment. I am listening. Continue reading “The Good, Dark Night: Winter Solstice”