The Audacity To Create: On ‘Big Magic’ & Likeability

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear was on my reading list since its release in September, and after finally getting my hands on a borrowed copy, I finished it today. It took months for me to get through. I admit I had some expectations about it, and hoped it would be inspiring. I really don’t like starting books and not finishing them, and kept reading it even though it bored me because I wanted to believe that I would get something from it. And today I finally did. Continue reading “The Audacity To Create: On ‘Big Magic’ & Likeability”

Blogging In Belize: 6 Months In

Six months ago, I sat down to write my about page.

And sat.

And thought.

I didn’t quite know where to begin. What do I want to write about? What do I have to say? Is this a travel blog?

Is anyone actually going to read it? Continue reading “Blogging In Belize: 6 Months In”